PT. Simba Indosnack Makmur stood in 1997, and has a factory in Gunung Putri, Bogor - West Java, Indonesia.

PT. Simba Indosnack Makmur has become the leader in cereal products and snacks in Indonesia, since the company was founded, and has developed many renowned products like Simba Choco Chips, Rainbow Hoops, Choco Chips Duo, Choco Rillas, Turbo, and more.

With modern facilities owned, quality and product quality always well maintained. PT. Simba Indosnack Makmur continue to develop the production process of natural materials into high quality cereal, oatmeal, snacks and ready meals. All snack products made through a process of roasting (baking), without frying (frying). This is in line with the company's commitment to always introduce a healthy lifestyle to the community.

At this time, the company has been and always developing markets in and outside Indonesia, and constantly maintain product quality and perfect service to meet local demands.